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Corporate and commercial law

We advise corporations and companies regardless of legal organisation. Some of the key areas in which we offer corporate and commercial legal advice:

  • forming a company; going into business for oneself
  • drafting and amending articles of association and by-laws
  • preparing and managing shareholder meetings and annual general meetings
  • drafting contracts and by-laws for CEOs and members of the executive and supervisory boards
  • in disputes between shareholders and CEOs and boards of directors
  • shareholder disputes
  • company and commercial litigation
  • issuing and transferring shares in the business
  • on-going legal advice to the company’s boards
  • advice to shareholders and partners
  • support during venture capital and private equity transactions
  • attorney project management and preparation of all contracts for IPOs
  • commercial law
  • business law
  • company law
  • law governing the actions of company officers
  • contract sales and distribution law
  • silent partnerships and shareholder loans

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