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Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts

Good business relationships require a secure foundation. An inadequate contract can have devastating consequences. We have many years of experience in the drafting of contracts and accompanying and guiding contract negotiations. This puts us in a position to develop contracts and agreements of any kind and to assist our clients in contract negotiations. We will handle the following tasks on your behalf, if you wish:

  • undertake complex contract negotiations
  • provide support during contract negotiation
  • prepare contracts and agreements of any kind
  • draft general terms and conditions
  • review draft contracts
  • analyse contracts and advise on their legal consequences
    • make claims for damages and liability for defects
    • sue for breach of contract
    • terminate, withdraw from and contest contracts
  • optimise the setting of business objectives
  • crisis management and facilitation of contract disputes
  • enforce and defend contractual claims

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