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Labour law

We represent both employers and employees in the following areas of individual labour law:

  • reviewing, drafting and editing employment contracts
  • reviewing, drafting and editing service contracts for CEOs and board members
  • advise temporary employment agencies
  • fixed-term employment
  • prepare employee compensation plans and variable remuneration systems
  • warnings
  • prepare and design terminations (lay-offs)
  • defend against and defend terminations
  • settlement negotiations
  • severance agreements with employees and managers
  • legally secure bans on competition and represent companies when violated
  • work/service product
  • advice on matters related to employee inventions

In collective labour, we are primarily concerned with the following topics:

  • industrial by-laws and staff representation rights
  • shop agreements and rules
  • redundancy schemes and reconciliation of interests
  • mass lay-offs
  • company pension schemes
  • labour law for public and church workers
  • public pension schemes, especially claims from departing participants
  • advice on restructuring, sale or closure of a business
  • transfer of operations

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