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Reorganization, crisis and insolvency advice

We deal with the whole range of issues surrounding restructuring and insolvency. We also advise companies doing business with companies in crisis or under bankruptcy. The firm’s founder, Dr Alexander Böck, also has in-depth experience as a shareholder-appointed liquidator. These are some of the issues for which we provide counsel:

  • negotiations with banks and creditors
  • planning and drafting agreements to raise capital
  • negotiations on deferrals and payment moratoriums
  • extra-judicial settlement negotiations of any kind
  • prevention of violations of the Bankruptcy Act, especially delaying bankruptcy and creditor objections
  • strategies to avoid personal liability for board members
  • legal review of any insolvency obligations
  • carrying out liquidations as liquidator or consulting lawyer
  • representation of companies, advising companies and their shareholders on the design and strategy in advance of a voluntary liquidation of the company
  • project management and communication with other consultants
  • bankruptcy law
  • enforcement and defence of claims before and during insolvency proceedings
  • insolvency criminal law

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